Common Raven nestlings in bad shape

CORAbabies053015aWe admitted these two nestling ravens late one night, thanks to a transport volunteer, after a caller expressed finding them and wanting to know what to feed them. After some questioning, we realized both birds likely had sustained injuries and recommended they come in immediately.

crow 3

Both babies were suffering from multiple orthopedic fractures. Bones in their wings and legs were broken. After taking radiographs (x-rays), we diagnosed them with severe Metabolic Bone disease. This is due to a lack of dietary calcium. Birds are extremely fast-growing as babies, reaching full size at approximately 8 weeks of age. In as few as three days without calcium, their bones soften and break. This happens in birds that are being fed an inappropriate diet, and the condition is irreversible.

crow 2Crow 1

Sadly, the smaller of these two babies did not survive, despite our best efforts (IV fluids, injectable Calcium, pain meds, bandages and tube-feeding). Please do NOT keep or feed any wild animals (birds or mammals) that you find. Call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for advice.

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