Think Wild

Deer On The Move

Deer is on the move – when driving to avoid hitting deer on area roadways at this time as it is deer mating season. As the nights get longer, your chances of hitting wildlife while you drive get greater. When that happens, it can be devastating. gives us some sobering statistics: A collision with […]

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Raptor Season

Each fall, hundreds of thousands of birds of prey leave their breeding grounds across North America and fly to their wintering grounds, some as far away as southern South America! Various hawks, eagles, osprey and falcons all make this long journey south. As you might imagine, a bird must be in excellent physical shape to […]

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Burn Pile Awareness

Now that the burn ban has been lifted in Central Oregon, people are┬áburning debris and bonfires. This is just a reminder to please, please check your debris piles before burning! A variety of wild animals finds these debris piles to be a good nesting/den area. After all, it provides a safe, secure home for creatures […]

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